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Frequently Asked Questions

Youneeq AI is an artificial intelligence-powered website personalization solution. It allows marketers to provide a much better visitor or customer experience from the first time someone visits a website. Youneeq AI is able to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

The anonymous gap is the disconnect between the fact that very large portions of marketing budgets are spent on acquisition and driving people to websites, while the majority of time and resources are spent focusing on known visitors such as customers, email subscribers, or others who somehow identified themselves. According to Adobe a full 98% of website visitors are anonymous: you don’t know who they are and you don’t really know much about them. Too often this anonymous audience, the largest digital marketing segment, is overlooked. We call this the Anonymous Gap. It’s a very costly oversight as it results in wasted advertising, missed opportunities, and lost revenue. Many people think that the changes in cookie policies and privacy laws is going to mean even larger anonymous audiences, definitely making this the biggest opportunity for future growth and monetization

You’ll get an award-winning A.I. personalization engine that is a superior customer acquisition and retention tool. Youneeq is proven to raise revenues and user engagement levels, and improve marketing, customer satisfaction levels, and search engine rankings.

Today most personalization and recommendation solutions focus on using more and more data to build segments and journeys which they try and match to website visitors. The problem is that 90% or more of website visitors are anonymous: you don’t know who they are because you can’t connect them to your database. This makes the anonymous audience the biggest segment for digital marketers. Youneeq is different because we are focused on, and optimized for, anonymous visitors. This is important because the biggest growth in engagement, conversion and revenue will come from anonymous visitors.

Immediately. Youneeq starts to provide results within seconds.

It only takes minutes. We drop a simple JavaScript onto your site and take it from there.

No! Little to no client side support is needed.

Once Youneeq is installed, Youneeq begins compiling data and analyzing behavior. The Youneeq dashboard provides data driven insight into user behavior and the content driving site users to engage.

All content including the content delivered to web pages such as static documents PDFs, spreadsheets, videos’s, sponsored content, audio, products, merchandise, images, site sections, forms, site interactions, etc. Youneeq can direct any content on the site to an individual based upon their behaviors. Every user see’s different content and no two users see the exact same page. Creating a true one to one experience with every site visitor.

Almost immediately Youneeq has enough data to begin drawing inferences about the specific behaviors engaging users and driving your site objectives. Stated another way, Yq begins to develop an understanding of the common behaviours that lead a user to respond in a desired manner based on your objectives. For instance, if you are running a digital campaign designed to generate leads and encourage site users to fill out a contact form, Youneeq will develop an understanding of the user behaviors resulting in this specific successful user site interaction. This includes navigation, content consumption, time of day, user activity prior to a successful interaction, etc. This process is highly automated requiring no “system adjustment or tweaking” on the part of the company. This ensures site interactions  are delivered in the most efficient manner to ensure success.

Youneeq customers in ecommerce have seen increases in engagement, conversions and revenue, including: 10-33% more product clickthroughs, 5-25% added content clickthroughs, 5-18% higher email signup and add to cart, 5-25% increased account creation and loyalty signup, up to 25% more revenue, and 5-10% more revenue per user (RPU). Of course, results will vary based on many factors but results get better over time. Past Youneeq customers in digital content and content marketing have seen increases in engagement, conversions and monetization, including: 50-500% more pageviews, 50-300% increased time on site, 25-200% additional article views, 10-33% higher clicks o calls to action, 100-300%+ increases in native content revenue, and 25-100% growth in ad exchange revenue.

Yes. Youneeq AI can work across a single site or a group of sites or a network of sites. Our background in digital publishing, including newspaper sites, has provided us experience capturing visitor profiles and content across sites and personalizing the visitor experience across related sites. This will work for companies with many brands, whether in retail, ecommerce or consumer packaged goods. The main benefit of working with multiple sites is the additional data and interactions that can be captured and leveraged for faster and better results across all of the related sites.

Yes, Youneeq has a Shopify App. We have been able to work with hundreds of Shopify sellers.  

Youneeq uses various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) such as algorithms, machine learning and real-time decision services to: 1) capture and analyze website visitor behaviour, 2) analyze content and content metadata, 3) create predictive models, and 4) match content to individual visitors in real-time. When an anonymous visitor comes to a website we can still analyze their source (where they came from, what they searched for, which ad they clicked, etc.) , their device and browser, and what content they landed on. With this we can correlate that anonymous visitor with people that looked like them in the past (lookalike audience) where we know what they did. This allows us to be very accurate predicting what content they are likely to engage with. When people visit other pages, or come back for future visits, we continue to build the anonymous profile and our real-time personalization kicks in. Most of our customers use our overlay functionality which works with pretty much any CMS or ecommerce solution. However, we have created some integrations (e.g. WordPress and some publishing platforms) as well as a Shopify App.

Youneeq’s AI solution is content agnostic. That means it works with all types of content not just products. This includes products, product info, pricing, articles, instructions, videos, offers, calls to action (email signup, add to cart, loyalty signup), ratings and reviews, and more. With Youneeq you can designate specific content areas to be for products and other content areas for offers, or you can allow Youneeq AI to select the right content for the visitor based on what is likely to engage, convert or monetize them. Contact us to learn more.

Short answer is Yes. Youneeq has partnered with independent software vendors and has multiple modules available.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom integrations contact us here.

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