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How Youneeq improves search engine results

How Youneeq improves search engine results.

Youneeq offers website owners an opportunity to see how individual users transit through their website and then offers them the chance to find out how to target and engage these users with a personalized web product.

Site owners now have a clear method of tailoring content to the needs of each individual site visitor. This allows a site owner the luxury of knowing that their content is not being wasted on a disinterested audience. From a Conversion Optimization view point, our service is approaching the holy grail of analytics when compared with most off-the-shelf packages that offer far less insight on use, personalization, and user behaviours.

Youneeq is of great value to pay-per-click (PPC) specialists as it helps them to determine ad-copy based on the types of products served to specific groups, clusters, regions, or individuals in specific areas or interests.

Youneeq also assists in keyword research and determination, again especially on a local and personalized level. There are not many SEO analytic tools offering the granular details that Youneeq can offer about individual users.

How Youneeq improves search engine results

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