We have spoken with a lot of digital marketers and they generally say the same thing: they are not happy with their conversion rates and they consider conversions key to revenue.

Then we proceed to to ask them about their ENGAGEMENT rates. Interestingly enough, very few companies track this as a KPI.

If conversion rates are important for revenue wouldn’t engagement be important for conversion? (Hint: The answer is yes!)

Measure what matters. Engagement matters.

The biggest disconnect with what marketers are doing is that they often focus on conversions before engagement. That’s like asking for a kiss before the first date.

The Anonymous Gap is real. And it could be the biggest opportunity to increase conversion and revenue, especially with the death of 3rd-party cookies, privacy legislation like GDPR and CCPA, and the fact more people are choosing to not be tracked.

That’s what Youneeq AI does. It is personalization and optimization for the anonymous audience, the biggest marketing segment you have.