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The core technology is distributed solution that allows buyers to build out scalable real-time and near-real-time analytics and content personalization

Easy migration to Google’s Big Table, Amazon’s DynamoDB, Microsoft’s Cosmos DB

YounneqAI includes a cross-cloud data pipeline that is extensible enough to reliably solve most any data analytics challenge, and has been proven out in one of the most demanding real-world scenarios – multi-site digital news (high traffic – low revenue – 24/7 uptime required)(1)

YouneeqAI can scale the application and workloads to other data centers around the globe including the US, Europe, and Asia.

Youneeq AI Embedded has been proven with a Shopify app which has had 1,000+ downloads with hundreds of Shopify stores using it. Youneeq AI Embedded has also been integrated with multiple content (CMS) and digital publishing platforms.


An API-first approach means that for any given partner, APIs are treated as “first-class citizens.” An API-first approach involves developing APIs that are consistent and reusable

Designed to Be Extensible and Scalable - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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