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Social Media Marketing Hype-Cycles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (sorry Geico Guy) you understand that social media has had a huge impact on Internet marketing. Instant access to likes, feedback, comments and trends makes social media marketing a must have in any Internet marketer’s arsenal.  The real conundrum though, is how do you turn the “traffic” social media generates into revenue?

A unique by-product of social media is “hype cycles.”  Your favorite celebrity says or does something silly and next thing you know it’s everywhere on the Internet. Give it 24-48 hours and this hype cycle will replaced by many other “silly” events.

In the pre-social media days these events would take place over weeks and sometimes months. As the event took time to weave its way through society’s conciensence. In today’s world it takes a nano second for something to spread around the world and subsequently replaced shortly thereafter. There can be literally thousands of these events happening on a site at any given moment. Hype cycles occur 24/7 365 making it near impossible for anyone to react to them. You would need a marketing and business team with an infinite number of employees to take advantage of these hype cycles. That’s assuming you could see them happening in real time.

In a graph the two variables are Visibility and Time. Pre- social media time could be measured in days, weeks and even in some cases months. In today’s world time could be measured in minutes. To react to hype cycles efficiently you need to react to them in “real time.” Websites, till now, did not have the ability to react to these cycles as they happen too quick and often.

Youneeq is designed to react to hype cycles in real time.  Youneeq will alert internal sales and marketing teams that an event is taking place so they can respond accordingly. Youneeq will also be able to communicate with an internal inventory system in case these events happen after hours. Youneeq will also be able to communicate with and RTB ad server as these events happen to ensure that focused and targeted ads are presented.

Two Scenarios:

Scenario 1- News and Entertainment Site

An article is posted about a game. This game is highly popular  and it immediately creates a stir. For argument’s sake it’s a Mario Brothers article. Youneeq will communicate with the internal marketing team and RTB ad servers once this article starts exhibiting hype cycle behaviour. This means that if the company had 10,000 Mario Bros action figures in the warehouse the marketing team could put these in front of the users. If it was after hours and no one around, Youneeq would communicate with the clients’ internal inventory system and RTB ad servers to ensure that relevant products and ads are presented to the user. Ensuring that the right merchandising and advertisements get in front of the right people at the right time 24/7 365.

Scenario 2- E-commerce Site

Paris Hilton is seen carrying a dog in her stylish new purse while shopping on Friday night. This story takes off and the paparazzi are all over this. You’ve got about 48 hours to take advantage of this and sell as many of these purses as possible. Youneeq will communicate with your internal inventory system and ensure that the right purses are presented to the right users at the right time. Currently if no one’s around till Monday morning you’d lose all these sales opportunities.

Individually hype cycles might only account for an extra $1500 in revenue. But if you have a large traffic site, with hundreds and even thousands of cycles happening in real time, then collectively this  potentially could represent a $100,000 + increase in monthly revenues.

Now that’s some serious hype.

Social Media Marketing Hype-Cycles - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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