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What it takes to do what we do.

Personalizing big data down to the individual level takes a lot of hard work by a dedicated team of programming professionals. There are many layers and components to the process and each one of these requires special attention. Get one cog out of place and it will have a significant impact on our QOS.

At the heart of the process lie our algorithms. These algorithms are organic and intelligent in nature. This means they’re constantly changing and evolving over time. As we keep up with our clients’ database changes and their site users’ behavioural changes, these algorithms chew up a lot of bandwidth and brain power. Youneeq supports these algorithms with the latest in Amazon Cloud technology and Cassandra distributed database management technologies. For an individual company to attempt this would literally cost it millions to build and support.

As an individual enters the site, we monitor and store their behaviours each and every time they visit. As that visitor’s likes and dislikes change overtime, these changes are reflected in our honey, er results, as well.

Think of our algorithms like a bee hive – data as pollen and our results the honey. Our bees collect all the data from database (flowers), bring it back to the hive and then create the recommendations (honey) for the individual user.

The moral of the story is: “It takes not just one bee, but a whole hive, to make honey.”

What it takes to do what we do. - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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