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Youneeq is a recommendation and content personalization system. Exposed as a web service, it can be integrated into any website that employs a data driven structure for managing content, or recommend content from external sources. Behaviors can be tracked from as specific as the individual level to as broad as site wide, and provides recommendations targeted to an individual and filtered as needed. Youneeq utilizes a RESTful API, and by default JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is used to send and receive data, allowing requests to be passed to and from JavaScript without converting the data between formats

If needed, we can easily extent our API without breaking existing functionality for customers. If our syntax, the use of JSON, and/or a RESTful approach to an API don’t work for a client then a custom endpoint can be set up to support custom formatters (e.g. XML/SOAP, integration with a legacy service, etc…).

(for more detail on REST and JSON see: and


Youneeq Integration Diagram – a typical example of the request workflow


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Youneeq Integration Guide - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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