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Youneeq Lands Veteran Bay Area Entrepreneur Peter Howley

Howley Brings Fund Raising And Organizational Growth Experience To The Most Innovative Web Services Company In The Space

Victoria, British Columbia, August 13, 2012Youneeq announced today that current member of the Advisory Board is taking on the role as Working Chairman. In the new role Mr. Howley will provide leadership, direction and oversight as the company prepares to launch the first version of its powerful game changing software.  Howley held board seats in the successful ventures IP Wireless, Exodus and was the Chair at the storied Centex Telemanegement. Mr. Howley is CEO and Chairman of the Howley Management Group, an entrepreneur-oriented consulting firm broadly focused including telecommunications, wireless, and technology service companies. He holds a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and MBA from NYU where he judges in their annual entrepreneur competition and has lectured at Stanford. He is also a co-author of the best-selling book ‘Trendsetters’ and has appeared as a featured guest expert at business events, seminars and television programs.

Murray Galbraith CEO: “I’m extremely excited that Pete has chosen to join the Youneeq team. Pete has many years experience building disruptive companies and is an excellent choice to take the helm of Youneeq. Youneeq is riding the wave of this emerging market and Pete’s experience, knowledge and contacts are a key asset.”

Pete Howley: “I am delighted to be taking on a more active role with Youneeq. It’s a truly exciting and unique industry approach that almost immediately creates for a critical website owner a powerful customer bond and level of satisfaction. By effortlessly implementing an integrated, real time and personalized approach across all platforms, Youneeq’s website customers get the right content and messages to their visitors, quickly creating happy customers. This will dramatically increase visit times, return visits, referrals and, most importantly, website revenue. In short, giving customers what they want, when the want it, and as they want it, and by so doing, setting a new industry standard for customer satisfaction and website revenue.”

About Youneeq

Youneeq is a Personalization engine for high volume (Big Data), high traffic web sites. Youneeq’s ground breaking and disruptive technology is designed to increase profits and user engagement levels for enterprise level web properties. Youneeq is a ubiquitous SAAS solution that also provides a real time integration & portal for publishers and advertisers to automatically optimize on ‘hype cycles.’

Youneeq delivers highly personalized and relevant content and products to individuals in real time. When users receive the content they’re interested in they will stay longer, consume more pages, attract higher advertising rates and purchase more which increases conversion rates – making a website more profitable. The future of the web is Youneeq’s Real Time Personalization Engine.

About Pete Howley

Peter A. Howley has published numerous articles, spoken frequently to a wide array of audiences, and been quoted extensively in publications including USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.

As an advisor, active board member and management consultant, Howley draws on battle-proven experience to help companies take good ideas and turn them into great businesses. Then he pulls up the throttle”accelerating growth to dominate the marketplace. “It’s tremendously rewarding,” he says, “to have a client follow my advice and become successful.

In the ’90s, Howley worked closely with the founders of Exodus Communications (Nasdaq: EXDS), a global web hosting company, which holds the NASDAQ record for 13 consecutive quarters of greater than 40 percent revenue growth. One of every three to four Internet crossing packets traversed the Exodus network at its peak.

Youneeq Lands Veteran Bay Area Entrepreneur Peter Howley - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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