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Youneeq launches first WordPress Plugin

I’m very excited to announce that Youneeq has launched our first WordPress plugin. The plugin can be found here.This is the first of several new features we’ll be launching over the next couple of weeks. Feedback is appreciated and welcome on the plugin page. These new features will help to expand Youneeq’s reach across multiple verticals and categories.

At the core of the Plugin is Youneeq’s award winning technology.

The plugin is free for WordPress sites that generate less than 1,000,000 page views per month.

Youneeq’s patent pending machine learning algorithms analyze individual user behaviours in real time and recommend content (Text, Products, Video, Audio) to individuals based on these behaviours in real time. Youneeq works with all digital media devices (PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc…) even SmartTV’s.

Youneeq is a patent pending predictive analytics machine learning behaviourally targeted technology for internet publishers, e-commerce stores and advertisers. Youneeq drives user engagement by making personalized content/product/advertising recommendations to individual users, based on user behaviours. Increased user engagement results in improved audience metrics for publishers, increased conversion/yield for e-commerce and improved ad performance for advertisers

Youneeq launches first Wordpress Plugin - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

Let’s get this demo started

Drop us a line and we’d love to organize a time to meet and demo our cookieless AI solution.