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Behavioural Targeting and Optimal Placement

Something that is true. Youneeq works and it works very well. Our Internet publishing clients enjoy the results we provide with our content recommendations, and they see results almost instantaneously once Youneeq is up and running on their sites and networks. However, some clients are noticing better results than others, and there’s a reason for this, stemming from where our recommendations are placed on a client’s site(s).

For strong optimization, website real estate is key for content. This same principle applies to how Youneeq works. Our behavioural targeting recommendations produce the best results when incorporated towards the top of the page. Youneeq’s recommendations do not stand out as an advertisement for Youneeq, but instead work seamlessly as part of the publisher’s site(s), providing visitors with that publisher’s article recommendations based on visitor interests, through predictive analytics.

Specifically what we’ve noticed is that clients who incorporate Youneeq with close to top placement see more increases in Youneeq visitor session time over clients that place our recommendations in less favorable positions.

Here’s an example:

In the first chart, the client sees a significant improvement in session time with Youneeq visitors over visitors that do not click on our recommendations. Their own site generated average visitor session time over their network is 1:38 minutes (the average site visitor reads one article or so). But Youneeq visitors on that network have average session times of 4:24 minutes (average Youneeq visitor reads about four articles recommended by Youneeq). There’s a 167.2% session time increase when visitors use Youneeq recommendations over visitors that don’t use Youneeq for this client. This is impressive. However, the client is currently placing Youneeq recommendations lower down on the page in a more obscure position. They could be experiencing even better results with closer to the top placement. We’ve been gauging this client’s stats for some time, and this is a pretty consistent result.

Then we have this client:


Within the same date range selected, this client sees a more impressive result, with a 522.2% session time increase for visitors that use Youneeq’s recommendations over visitors that don’t. Their network generated average session time is :52 seconds (roughly one article read by a visitor), while visitors that engage with Youneeq recommendations stick around for over 5 minutes! With this client, our recommendations are located in key positions towards the top of their pages.

Behavioural Targeting and Optimal Placement - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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