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The Double-edged Sword of Third-party Analytics

The Holy Grail of analytics has always been audience insights, and digital publishing has allowed publishers to access huge amounts of data about their audience, content, and site traffic.  However, all of this information is a double-edged sword because once you’ve got the data: what do you do with it? What does it mean? Who manages it?

There are many third-party analytics options out there for publishers offering a range of dashboard displays and tools that can be useful.  Effectively leveraging this information often requires IT personnel familiar with the data, it’s meaning, and someone to create multiple versions of stories, headlines, and features to meet A/B testing results or social media posting requirements.

For larger newsrooms, the costs of managing analytics are more easily absorbed. But for smaller operations, dedicating staff and content to maximize the data is often economically impractical. The solution is a compressive “bird’s eye view” of the data that drives content automation. This allows editors to concentrate efforts and resources on content creation while trusting A.I. to modify and personalize content for individual users—and, at the same time, accessing real-time and summary data for reporting and budgeting purposes.

Kymberli Hagelberg, Assistant Managing Editor at Lorain Publishing in Elyria, OH, depends on Youneeq’s real time data to help her newsroom improve content creation and audience engagement.

“You don’t have to dig for the data—I can, but I don’t have the time,” said Hagelberg. “When I can trust the findings, it helps to at least minimize that task. Also, because there are many ways to search and present data, it helps me analyze the findings for short and long-term projections.”

Controlling costs while leveraging the best available data and technology is critical in today’s publishing environment.  Youneeq is committed to helping our publishing partners become more successful through data analytics and content personalization.

For more information about how Lorain Printing and Publishing relies on Youneeq’s Artificial Intelligence to improve their business, download the case study here.

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The Double-edged Sword of Third-party Analytics - Youneeq

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