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Forget “Fake News”, Worry about Fake Traffic

Despite all the talk about “Fake News”, website publishers face a bigger challenge in the form of “Fake Traffic”.  As detailed by the Wall Street Journal, “The Financial Times estimated this week that $1.3 million worth of fake ad space is sold each month”.

Considering the Financial Times falls outside of the top 1000 sites on the web, as ranked by Alexa, the total financial impact of “Fake Traffic” likely exceeds the GDP of many mid-size nations. Advertisers and marketers are increasingly wary of digital advertising strategies that cannot verify actual human traffic. Additionally, more and more brands and ad agencies are demanding chargebacks from publishers for synthetic or bot driven ad impressions.

The proliferation of programmatic RTB platforms has worsened the oversupply of available ad impressions in spite of slower demand from advertisers. The result is a highly competitive, low profit margin ad-serving ecosystem. These platforms are incentivized to sell to as many sessions as possible, regardless of the quality of the audience.

This fight amongst ad serving services to secure as many sessions as possible has the reverse effect—it places a premium on high exit rate and bounce rate pages, while discounting the more highly engaged, loyal, and returning human page views. Advertisers who understand this phenomenon are taking note.

Youneeq, by definition, identifies and surfaces content to human traffic only. Bots, redirects, and other synthetic traffic sources are verified and rejected in real time. Our analytics offer real time insights into how your audience is interacting with your content. We identify top human referral sources and behaviours on your site, allow publishers an objective and verifiable summary, and provide detailed traffic and audience metrics that advertisers can trust.

As the digital content and advertising environment evolves, advertisers are demanding that publishers guarantee a human audience—and they will pay a premium for proven, engaged audiences, particularly in local and direct sales situations.

Youneeq automates, personalizes, and targets content to your human audience. We filter out the “Fake Traffic” that is driving down digital yields and revenues.

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Forget "Fake News", Worry about Fake Traffic - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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