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Engage Users with the Youneeq Explorer

At Youneeq, a key objective is to provide relevant, interesting content to users; with this content increasing their engagement, and encouraging them to stay on our clients’ sites for longer amounts of time.

Our algorithmic approach is able to ‘connect the dots’ between the content a user is consuming and the content they may want to consume, but we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our recommendations. That’s why we’ve created the Youneeq Explorer – a way for users to engage in the recommendation process itself.

The Youneeq Explorer allows users to tell us what sort of content they wish to see, whether it be from a particular website, a certain content category, or a specific date published. From there, our algorithms take over, crunching data to find the best content for that user while also adhering to the user’s input. This in turn improves the overall quality of our recommendations by letting us see exactly what our users are asking for, as well as the particular way in which they try to find it. The Explorer can also help to engage new users by giving them great content right from their first visit to a site. Of course, the Youneeq Explorer is always optional and unobtrusive, so that users are able to interact in whatever way they wish.

As always, we are researching new ways to bring value to our customers. The Youneeq Explorer and related projects will be a big part of our strategy going forward, and we will explore new ways to drive content presentation through Youneeq. Although the Youneeq Explorer is still in its experimental phase, we have already seen the impact that personalized recommendations can have, and will continue looking for new ways to engage users in the recommendation process.

Engage Users with the Youneeq Explorer - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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