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AI Product Recommendation Technology Drives E-Commerce Sales for a Cosmetics Giant

The Problem

A publicly traded personal care and cosmetics company sought to improve critical e-commerce metrics. While the business sold its products through drug, grocery, and department stores, it wanted to invest in growing its e-commerce arm. Specifically, global headquarters challenged the brand to boost e-commerce revenue by 15% in 2022. The organization also wanted to decrease its website bounce rate, as nearly 60% of visitors were bouncing.

Over 90% of the company’s website visitors were anonymous, adding an additional layer of complexity. This posed a challenge for both marketing and sales teams, as they had limited visibility into visitor demographics. Essentially, the organization sought to deliver tailored digital experiences that fueled online sales — without relying on demographic data. In other words, it was looking to boost conversion rates without tracking detailed visitor profiles.

Specific Goals

The organization was interested in increasing e-commerce revenue, raising its number of loyalty program members, growing its subscriber list, improving its customer experience and engagement, and generating more registered accounts.

The cosmetics business measured the success of YouneeqAI’s solution by assessing two primary key performance indicators:

1. Conversion Rates
Increased revenue per transaction
Increased revenue
Reduced bounce rate

2. Engagement Rates
These are measured by recommendation click-through rates related to product recommendations, newsletter suggestions, subscriber sign-ups, and account creations.

The Action Plan

With AI and machine learning technology, YouneeqAI implemented a solution that analyzed anonymous website visitor behaviour. Its algorithms assessed past and current visitor behaviour to glean critical insights — without requiring specific demographic data. It was able to use behavioural analytics to craft personalized messaging and recommendations that resonated with visitors and boosted sales.
Based on its plethora of use cases, YouneeqAI created overlay content driven by artificial intelligence in real-time.


Personalized recommendations, strategic content overlays, and suggestions were placed over the organization’s default web pages. These were also added to the website’s white spaces to add content.
YouneeqAI optimized each webpage using predictive behavioural modeling that informs personalized calls to action. This empowered it to ensure content and suggestion displays were conducive to maximizing conversions. Conversions included actioning elite rewards club invitations, mini-cart check-out suggestions, empty cart notifications, add-to-bag suggestions, and other recommendations.

The Results

YouneeqAI’s intelligent algorithms and content overlays were implemented within a couple of weeks. Once the artificial intelligence gathered a few months of data, the organization unlocked substantial improvements across all key performance indicators assessed, including bounce rates. Below is a breakdown of some notable metrics:

Desktop E-commerce Conversion Rate
Baseline: 2.55%
With YouneeqAI Recommendations: 5.36%
With Youneeq CTAs: 18.04%

Number of Desktop Pages Visited
Baseline: 4.41
With YouneeqAI Recommendations: 14.86
With Youneeq CTAs: 22.29

Time on Website
Baseline: 3:13 minutes
With YouneeqAI Recommendations: 11:52 minutes
With Youneeq CTAs: 17:57 minutes

Revenue Per Transaction
Baseline: $116.61
With Youneeq CTAs: $134.94

The Vetting Process: Conversion Optimization Comparison

YouneeqAI participated in a trial where it was compared with a giant AI conversion optimization competitor. YouneeqAI outperformed its competitor in every category assessed — even though it had access to much less data. YouneeqAI’s technology generated a 14% increase in e-commerce revenue, an 8% growth in revenue per user, 23% more click-through rates on recommendations, 18% more email sign-ups, 8% more account creations, and a 33.7% increase in loyalty program sign-ups.

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AI Product Recommendation Drives E-Commerce Sales | YouneeqAI

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