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Increase Your Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities

The ideal situation for an insurer is when a client has multiple choices. These opportunities don’t come often and an agent or company needs to be prepared. Cross-sell and upsell opportunities can be lost within seconds as access to information and products are easy for clients. The window of opportunity is extremely small in today’s fast paced and hyper competitive insurance market. Timing also plays an important role as many of these small windows happen after normal business hours and there’s no one around to respond. Quantity is another factor—humans can’t keep up and respond to the amount of data that is being collected.

The only way to be proactive with cross selling and upselling is through A.I. personalization/marketing, regardless of the digital channel the information is coming through. For example, Youneeq’s A.I. personalization/marketing can monitor multiple channels simultaneously from the web, mobile, proprietary apps, call centers, agent desktop, or any other company digital device. Youneeq can identify when these opportunities happen and react in real time. No human analyst or agent can react as swiftly as Youneeq does.

Our A.I. personalization/marketing analyzes many data points and can answer such questions as, “What other products and coverages will the client benefit from?” and “What products are they more apt to purchase?” It’s imperative that all recommended products and coverages  are relevant and appropriate to the client at the time of their enquiry.

Over time, a client’s interaction will change based upon many factors, such as time of year, marital status, family status, age, etc. Youneeq learns and grows with individuals as their needs and wants change.

Many cross-sell and upsell opportunities happen after normal business hours. How does an agent or analyst react to these opportunities if no one’s there? Simple answer: you can’t. Youneeq’s A.I. engine works 24/7/365. We maximize all new and existing business opportunities.

Youneeq’s real-time marketing dashboard gives the insurer a live view into client insights and customer intelligence. Youneeq aggregates and analyzes a huge amount of trend and sales data. This data is then clustered into reports which highlight products that sell well together. This process happens automatically and can be easily accessed via the dashboard for forecasting and marketing purposes.

As you can see, your cross-sell and upsell opportunities increase with Youneeq’s A.I. personalization/marketing engine. Youneeq has the suite of tools that will create value for both you and your user across all customer touchpoints.

Murray Galbraith

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Increase Your Cross-Sell and Upsell Opportunities - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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