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Digital Publishing Sites Leaving Too Much Behind

One of the biggest market pains for digital publishing sites is that they leave too much content and revenue on the table.  In many ways it’s about being a victim of your own success. Sure it’s great that you’ve got all this “stuff” on your site; but if no one can find it or they spend way too much time searching for it, this stuff gets wasted. It’s underused, undervalued and wasted.

Recently we were in discussions with one website generating over $1 million a month in revenue. By their own internal estimates they feel they are leaving $1 million + on the table.

Why does this happen? Well it’s quite simple actually. We call it the “fire hose effect.” Essentially, sites load up the home page with as much content as they can turn the hose on to see what sticks. Sure there are tools and programs that try and mitigate this, but to date, conversion rates still remain dramatically low. Don’t get me started on outragous bounce rates and low low ad rates.

Youneeq solves this by delivering relevant and targeted content (text, video’s, products etc…) to individual users based upon their likes -without changing a site’s current look and feel. Essentially creating a micro site for each visitor without changing a thing. It’s simple to install and requires little to no client side support. Quite remarkable actually.

Imagine what it would mean to your bottom line if you cut bounce rates in half, doubled conversion rates and dramnatically increased your site stickiness?

Digital Publishing Sites Leaving Too Much Behind - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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