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Youneeq’s Beta Program Generating Strong Results

Youneeq’s Beta Program Generating Strong Results – Accuracy Rates Averaging 60% – 80%

Victoria, BC, December 1, 2011 — “We’re very excited about the results to date,” says Youneeq’s CEO Murray Galbraith. “60% – 80% accuracy at these early stages is incredible and validates the core technology.”

Youneeq is currently running betas on two popular video gaming digital media sites, and The beta consists of a recommendation engine and content manipulation example. Results can be viewed in real time via Youneeq’s custom dashboard. Demonstrations are available simply by contacting Youneeq at 250.483.5446.

“Youneeq is an important technology that we’ve been developing for quite some time, and with the launch of our beta sites and dashboard we can show the public and investors precisely what the product does,” says  Galbraith.


About Youneeq

Youneeq is an Organic Personalization Engine — next generation in Adaptive Behavioural Targeting for enterprise level websites. Youneeq addresses the ABC’s of web site ownership: Ad rates, Bounce rates and Conversion rates – by providing a unique, personalized content experience for every unique visitor. Using a proprietary genetic algorithm, Youneeq begins to build a profile of each visitor within only a few clicks. This profile then evolves with the user, allowing site owners the ability to deliver highly targeted, relevant content – including advertising messaging – in real time.

About Digital Cavalier

Digital Cavalier is a full service Information technology firm, dedicated to developing cutting edge sales, marketing technologies and solutions. Digital Cavalier’s behavioural marketing and business intelligence fulfils a promise made 10 years ago for a truly interactive web experience. It marries consumers to advertisers, creating a superior ROI for advertisers by increasing revenue and community for website owners and operators.

Youneeq's Beta Program Generating Strong Results - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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