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Youneeq Increases Revenue and Engagement for the Toledo Blade (CASE STUDY)

The Toledo Blade is a subsidiary of Block Communications, which has significant print, cable and broadcast properties throughout the USA. The Toledo Blade is one of America’s longest running Digital News Websites. The website use to have the standard newspaper site look, reflecting a traditional design and layout.

The objectives for the new Toledo Blade website were to update the design, automate content presentation, personalize content, audience engagement, increase digital revenues, and improve and diversify traffic acquisitions. In order to achieve this, The Blade partnered with Youneeq for the development of their new data driven website which fully integrates with Youneeq’s powerful render and engagement engine.

With the help of Youneeq’s engagement engine, Toledo Blade has seen increases in engagement and revenue levels. Below are the documented results for Toledo Blade after installing Youneeq.


     Revenue Increases:    Engagement Improvements:
  • 20% increase in Ad Exchange Revenue
  • 6.6 % increase in Price Priority Channel Revenue
  • 7.7% increase in eCPM
  • 21% increase in Local/Standard Revenue
  • 19% decrease in unfilled impressions
  • 51% increase in Search Referrals
  • 75% increase in Direct Traffic
  • 89% increase in Social Media Referrals
  • 34% increase in user time on site
  • 19% decrease in unfilled impressions
Youneeq increases Revenues and Engagement (Results)

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