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Exciting New Feature: Full Site Automation / Curation

Revenue follows audience and audience follows content. The most profitable digital publishers understand that responding to audience demand by presenting relevant and interesting content drives engagement and revenue.

Youneeq automates the process of presenting content that matters to individuals in a responsive manner. Attracting and keeping users is key to driving profitability, and leveraging original content presentation. With Youneeq’s real time automated and personalized content curation engine we allow publishers to meet those objectives.

Youneeq provides a full or a partial site content recommendation solution that automates the personalization and the presentation of content on websites. This automation feature drives personalized content in real time to individual users, creating a unique content experience for each user on the site.

Today’s publishers are under intense pressure to create high quality content, develop an audience, and control expenses. Youneeq’s automated, personalized content curation relieves some of the pressure on publishers by automating the presentation of relevant content to individual readers based on behavioural targeting. Freeing up publishers resources from the “hamster wheel” of updating and posting content, allowing a more effective allocation of those resources.

Automating personalized content presentation improves audience engagement, increases consumption and results in higher programmatic ad revenue and yields. This exciting new feature of Youneeq has been applied to the new Toledo Blade website resulting in a significant positive impact for the Toledo Blade.

Read about the Toledo Blade results here:

Exciting New Feature: Full Site Automation / Curation - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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