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Youneeq Submits Patent Application

The First Patent For Ground Breaking Predictive Analytics Technology

Victoria, British Columbia, January 26, 2013Digital Cavalier Technology Services Inc. (DCTS) announced today the filing of a U.S patent application  (61/930,996) for a patent that covers the “Predictive Recommendation Engine” trends sweeping the predictive analytics and big data industries.

“We are very excited about our first application, which adds confirmation to DCTS’ leadership in developing predictive analytics technology for digital media networks, ad tech and other sectors,” said Murray Galbraith, CEO of DCTS.  “Youneeq addresses the challenge of getting the right messages, ads and products to the right people at the right time. This latest patent makes claims in connection with our technology (Youneeq). ”

Youneeq is a predictive analytics technology that recommends content based on user behaviors. Designed for stand-alone websites or large online media networks. Content is recommended to the user based on relevance to past user behavior, behaviors of other site users, behaviors of network users, predictive analytics, predictive modeling, clickstream data, geo-spatial and other data.  On the backend Youneeq creates user profile information that can be used to more accurately target content/ad/services to a more “qualified” or engaged user group. This results in significant increases in analytics metrics, with the attendant opportunities to increase advertising/native content performance and yields.

“The Internet is growing daily,” said Galbraith. “And yet it’s getting more difficult to generate revenue as publishers, e-commerce sites and advertisers are having to work harder for less. Youneeq’s predictive analytics create actionable, accurate and quantitative data. For real time decisions on a revenue generating basis, demand for predictive analytics is at an all time high and Youneeq represents a leap forward in this technology.”

About Youneeq

Youneeq is predictive analytics that personalizes (Big Data) content in real time. Youneeq is designed for high traffic publishing web sites, networks and Adtech. Youneeq creates one to one marketing and content delivery opportunities in real time. Youneeq’s ground breaking and disruptive technology increases profits and user engagement levels for enterprise level web properties.


Youneeq & DCTS
Murray Galbraith CEO, 250.483.5446
Mark Walker VP Business Development, 250.462.3783

Youneeq Submits Patent Application - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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