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The Internet of Me.

We’ve all heard about “The Internet of Things”, but how many of you have heard about “The Internet of Me”.

Technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace and very soon most everything we own, wear, touch, etc.… will be collecting behavioural data. By 2020 IDC predicts that there will be 212 billion connected devices globally.

That’s great and all, but what about me? I much rather would like to have “The Internet of Me” not “The Internet of Everyone Else”! I want to read the articles that I’m interested in, or those my friends are interested in. I don’t mind being advertised to but please quit sending me ads to products I am not interested in or have already bought 6 months ago. The Internet is a fire hose of information and it’s up to us to try and sort through all the garbage to find what we’re interested in.

How do we solve this complex equation? “Things” is one half of the equation the other half is the “Me”. What do you do with all the data that things are collecting and how do you make it relevant to the “me” in real time? The best way to do so is currently via complex machine learning algorithms.

These algorithms help us to understand and predict how an individual interacts with his or her surrounding world in the past, present and future. World events, personal experiences, seasons and so much more shape our lives and subsequently our behaviours. These behaviours change over time as we grow and mature, it’s like we each have our own individual eco-system. This system evolves and grows over time and is shaped, influenced and driven by internal and external forces.

Youneeq excels at creating “The Internet of Me” for our publishing partners. For example, if everyone reading this article went to the CNN website right now we would essentially see the same web offering, and it would be up to us to wade through the content we are not interested in before we find the content that is relevant to us right now. If CNN were to engage Youneeq we would all see a different site. All the pages would contain content that is relevant and interesting to us and not what others think you’d be interested in.

Now that’s “The Internet of Me”!

The Internet of Me. - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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