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Digital Cavalier Joins Canadian Technology Accelerator In Silicon Valley!

Technology Firm Given Special Opportunity For High Growth Potential in Global Technology Hub

Victoria, BC, August 1, 2011 — Digital Cavalier Inc. is very pleased to announce its acceptance by the Canadian Trade Commission Service into the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) located in the heart of Silicon Valley.  The Canadian Technology Accelerators will provide Digital Cavalier with the unique opportunity to establish very important business contacts and access crucial resources in order to develop at a global scale through Youneeq, the Organic Personalization Engine – the next generation in Adaptive Behavioural Targeting for enterprise level websites.

Only qualified candidates with the potential for high growth are accepted into the CTA, and Digital Cavalier meets this criteria with its proprietary Youneeq technology, an organic personalization engine that uses adaptive behavioural targeting for enterprise level websites.  The program takes place over a three month period in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region, the “global hub of technology and entrepreneurship.” During this time frame, Digital Cavalier will be provided with: office space amongst peers; introductions to experienced mentors; access to important industry leaders and talents; and the high potential for strategic partnerships and customers.

“We’re very excited about being chosen by the Canadian Trade Commission to be a part of the CTA,”  says Murray Galbraith, President  and CEO of Digital Cavalier. “This represents a huge opportunity for the company by giving us direct access to key strategic resources that will significantly help us grow and become a market leader.  Our Youneeq technology is geared to deliver more personalized, relevant content on websites that implement it, which means that visitors to these sites will stay longer and see more pages. This attracts higher advertising rates, making websites more profitable.  Through the CTA we can enhance delivery of this technology at a much higher level, while establishing fundamental business contacts and venture financing. ”


About Digital Cavalier

Digital Cavalier is a full service Information technology firm, dedicated to developing cutting edge sales, marketing technologies and solutions. Digital Cavalier’s behavioural marketing and business intelligence fulfils a promise made 10 years ago for a truly interactive web experience. It marries consumers to advertisers, creating a superior ROI for advertisers by increasing revenue and community for website owners and operators.

Digital Cavalier Joins Canadian Technology Accelerator In Silicon Valley! - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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